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  • Living legend DJ Premier (or DJ Primo, depending on your level of street cred) is producing what looks like a weekly podcast entitled Live From HeadQuarterz. His co-host is Big Shug, and sometimes, when the Primo is too busy, DJ Eclipse helps him out on the decks. Good for getting that injection of the latest hiphop tracks.
    Update: Primo's show is now down (and has been for the last 4 days):

    Apparently, the suits up at Sirius and the good folks at the RIAA aren’t big fans of ours so our content is now being limited. After all the hard work of building this site and locking in some top-notch sponsorship, we are no-longer able to post the “Live From HeadQcourterz” program.

    Thanks for nothing...
    Second update:I am uploading the shows I have to divshare, check the comments for the links to them.
  • The fringefest in Dublin looks pretty amazing so far. Already bought tickets for Crazy Penis (3rd time I see them in Dublin, big up to Remedy for making Crazy Penis a household name in Dublin), and Marlena Shaw and Mad Professor, which sounds absolutely weird, but certainly interesting, and a once-off thing. Note to self: Bring camera.
  • At, they have a preference for vi over emacs it seems. That's proper 1337.
  • handy guide for attaching icons to anything with CSS
  • Got tickets for Ardal O'Hanlon (of Father Ted fame)
  • Got tickets for Lee 'Scratch' Perry. 'Nuff said.
  • Anyone else going to the Mashup Camp at Trinity College in Dublin?


Jane | @ / 18:40 / 31st of august / 2007

Live From HeadQuarterZ seems to be down.

Jonas | web / 18:56 / 31st of august / 2007

wtf?! Typical, I finally find some good shit, and then RIAA takes it down. Well, I have the shows here (4 of them) in mp3, if people want them, I'll make them available for download. Thanks for the heads-up Jane.

Jane | @ / 14:15 / 1st of september / 2007

Yes please, hit me. Somebody gave me the link weeks ago and I never got around to it. Too late now...please do indeed put it up. Thanks.

Kristian | web | @ / 22:52 / 1st of september / 2007

Yup, I've seen that at as well. I also liked this from the same ad:
Javascript, and when not to use it.

Jonas | web / 23:58 / 1st of september / 2007

Okidoki, here's the first one, from the 11th of august (I think it's actually #2 in the series, but hey, I am sure you'll survive (: ) Get it while it's hot (valid for 7 days from now).

Jonas | web / 1:12 / 2nd of september / 2007

@Kristian: Indeed, very valid point, and they do use a lot of it on too.

Jonas | web / 12:17 / 4th of september / 2007

Just uploaded the first show I have with them, from the end of July, pick it up..., it's available for a week from today...

Grann | web | @ / 14:49 / 4th of september / 2007

Nice! Looking forward to listening to them...

Jonas | web / 15:41 / 7th of september / 2007

#3 is up now.

Jonas | web / 16:41 / 10th of october / 2007

Was just reminded that I haven't uploaded #4 of the Premier Podcasts, but here it goes - available for a week from today.


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