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Get your alcatel drivers here 31.08.2002

Man, I love the internet! Get this, I posted a rant about the missing OS X 10.2 [aka Jaguar, aka. Jagwire] drivers for Alcatels SpeedTouch USB ADSL modem [aka the squashed frog]. Later that day, Jean-Pierre dropped me a note that he was working on a new version of the drivers, but he only had instructions which included terminal gymnastics and manual plist editing. A day goes by, and Jean-Pierre drops me another note telling me that he has now made a new package of the installer, which will install the edited drivers on your Jaguar sans terminal gymnastics. So, I test it on the 6C98 build of Jaguar, and it works flawless, out-of-the-box, and on the spot!

Jean-Pierres repackaged drivers [with french instructions - don't worry, the installer uses the standard OS X installer interface] can be downloaded here in a gnuzipped tarball (.tgz) format. Stuffit Expander should be able to decompress this with no problems.

So, in the words of Jean-Pierre, be your own hero today and install!

DISCLAIMER: I have tested these drivers on build 6C98 [developer version of Jaguar] and build C115 [final release] but only in Denmark [your country and ISP might affect the functionality of the drivers]. Downloading and installing these drivers is your choice, and therefore your responsibility.

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