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Domain peddlers 30.12.2001

Because of busy fingers I accidentaly hit enter too fast when trying to get access to and ended up being shown the site instead. Here I am met with a page that tells me is for sale, that and a bunch of other domains.

It seems to be a minimalistic domain name auction with the most insane prices around, and domain names including those of ski resorts, towns, and attractions - where is currently valued at $ 11000!! is worth $ 12500!!

I find it scarry that somebody's willing to pay $ 1000 for - don't you?


mark | @ / 13:31 / 1st of november / 2006

i am looking to get out of my rut, that means the job thing and working for someone..i have more potential but no real way of just stoping the income to build somebusiness that reqires my friends and family to join so i can get rich..get it... i allways need to be calllenged but im not handicaped,or slow to learn and most certinally dont have a lot of money to waste sitting and waiting...real buiness intreges me i have ideas and am looking ,so thats why im here i guess..

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