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Not exactly rocket science 30.10.2002

As I was battling an assignment in PHP/MySQL till 4 in the morning, I just played the good boss and donated myself a bit of a nap on my couch. Usually I would be a little cranky now, and I would also not be able to remember anything I might have dreamt of during this nap. This particular nap and the immediate period following it hasn't been usual. I could actually consciously remember what I dreamt.

To celebrate this fantastic event, I'll share part of my dream with you. I dreamt of people playing a board game. Nothing fancy like TP or Backgammon, but a board game for simple folks like myself. The settings, I believe, was a town square, in a southern European medieval town. The contenders were young, in need of money, and with a bad habit of gambling. The game rules were simple: Smack the ball with the back of your hand, past the obstacles, and into the opponents plastic cup. Not exactly rocket science, but one of the players I talked to said you could make 700 Danish kroner (~ $US 100) a day playing this game against other simple people. Not bad. You think it will catch on, and what should I name it?

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