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15 Android apps as recommended by me 30.05.2010

Android LogoI've been using an Android device since the G1 came out in Europe in 2009, and I've been impressed with how much better is has gotten in the last 18 months. Looking at old screenshots from the 1.5 and 1.6 releases looks like lightyears away from the current look and feel of 2.1, and will soon be even better with 2.2 (aka Froyo), which boasts a lot of improvements.

I'm not going to get into all that, others have covered this much better than I can, what I'll do instead is give you a list of applications that floats my boat on Android.

Appbrain iconAppbrain. Takes the pain out of searching for and installing apps on your phone via the Market. If you sign up with appbrain, you can go straight to my list of apps in this post, and easily install them on your phone.

twicca icontwicca. Full-featured twitter client, with a simple and non-cluttered interface. The widget is not very rich, but the rest of the application gets a big thumbs up.

Cubed iconCubed3. A great and visually pleasing substitution for the bundled music player. Best feature is the option to have controls on the lock screen.

rmaps iconRmaps. Maps application with options for offline maps via a third party application. You can add your own points of interest as well. Best offline maps client I've tried.

newsrob iconNewsrob. Get your Google Reader feeds on to your phone, and read them while offline. Very handy.

Listen iconListen. Bring your Podcasts with you. Also syncs your subscriptions with your Google Reader account.

Vignette iconVignette. A paid app, also available with limitations in the Market. Does wonders to your camera, including more than 50 effects and 20 different frames. Easy and intuitive interface.

dropbox iconDropbox. Get your dropbox files on your phone. Simple and easy.

astro iconAstro. File manager, task manager, pretty much the swiss army knife application for managing your files on Android.

openloopz iconOpenLoopz. Very nice productivity tool. Let's you organize your todo-lists in GTD-style.

simplescrobbler iconSimple Scrobbler. Scrobbles the tunes you play on your phone.

smspopup iconSMS Popup. Does just that, pops up your text messages so you don't have to navigate to the messaging application when new messages arrive.

smsbackup iconSMS Backup. Backs up your text messages, MMS messages, and call log to the cloud, using your Gmail account as storage.

Free Task Manager iconFree Advanced Task Manager. Lets you kill applications, and exclude applications from being killed. Keeps your phone responsive and fast by killing background processes.

Instafetch iconInstafetch Lite. Syncs your instapaper articles to your phone for offline reading.

That's all, I hope you find this list useful, and if you have comments, suggestions, liquorice or crackers, drop 'em in the comments.


Alfredo | web | @ / 13:48 / 30th of may / 2010

Great post, thanks Jonas :)
p.s.try "gmote" - it turns your phone in a remote controller for your pc

Jonas | web / 14:37 / 30th of may / 2010

Thanks for the recommendation Alfredo, that sounds very useful, will install it immediately (:

Emmet | web | @ / 21:50 / 31st of may / 2010

Wait, there's an Instapaper client for Android? There goes my final legitimate reason for sticking with the iPhone...

Jonas | web / 0:57 / 1st of june / 2010

Emmet, there are more than one actually, but this one is free, and the one I prefer (:

Michael | web | @ / 11:11 / 9th of june / 2010

Great list! I just got my new phone and this list was a great way to get started. Any hints or linhks to how to use Rmaps with offline maps?

Jonas | web / 12:02 / 9th of june / 2010

@Michael, happy you found the list useful. Which phone did you get?

You can use RMaps offline together with this Java application from the developers website. Until recently, you had to run it in Windows or Linux only, but with the latest update of Java for Mac OS X, it also works there (I believe).

In this app you then select the section of the maps you want to get offline, save the tiles, and put the resulting sqlite database on your phone. Go to settings in RMaps, enable the new map, then, hit "menu", and select the map from the list of possible tiles.

I also updated the post with a link to the third party app for getting the maps.

Enjoy (:

es / 0:31 / 16th of june / 2010

Thanks for great info and list of tried and tested apps. But please advise me on a solver app for HTC desire, solver like the one on HP19b or HP 200lx?

Jonas | web / 16:20 / 22nd of june / 2010

Hi es, happy you like the list, unfortunately, I do not know what a solver app is. I would suggest you searched for it.

Michael | web | @ / 10:03 / 25th of june / 2010

Brilliant - this is so cool!

I ended up using version 1.7 where they have renamed it to Mobile Atlas Creator and it works great.

I got a HTC Desire on a Pay-As-You-Go plan so I'm trying to keep my net usage on the road low and this should definitely help.


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