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The Jaiku/twitter dilemma 30.04.2007

I am a twitter
I am a jaiku

And I am also a mess. I don't know which one to go with for now, but I've added my twitter to jaiku, so no matter where I write, it will show up on jaiku. If you want to know what I do/think on a microscale, feel free to bookmark the above.

I promise I will write about coffee, food, paperclips, and other exciting observations from a 3rd floor office and a ground floor flat in Dublin 4, Ireland.

Update: I am staying with twitter for now, I like the simplicity.


Rasmus | web | @ / 5:09 / 1st of may / 2007

If it helps: I just can't use Jaiku for keepingtrack of my friends - the overview page is just too full of random stuff (mainly comments on long posted things that have absolutely no relevance and is of no interest to me). In other words: If you want me to read your posts, stick with Twitter.

Jonas | web / 10:42 / 1st of may / 2007

Got it. I think I will stay with twitter mostly as well, I have some friends there who won't be moving to jaiku anytime soon.

CW | web | @ / 10:54 / 1st of may / 2007

Hi Jonas, thanks for stopping by at my blog - have emailed you with Twitter SMS details!

Jonas | web / 11:13 / 1st of may / 2007

Thanks a lot CW!

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