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Now with foldable ride 29.07.2006

I went out to get myself a bike last week, something I've dearly missed since moving to Dublin, coming from the bike crazy capital of Denmark (which by the way is the happiest country of the world). I ended up with a neat foldable bike from Raleigh.

I had a 200 euro voucher to spend on a bike from my employer, and as I don't know how long I'll stay here, and I don't plan to bike in the mountains, all I really wanted was a city bike, you know, not too expensive, easy to maintain, handbrake, footbrake, three hub gears — the bare necessities of urban biking.

But Dublin is not big on city biking, so the choices in city bikes are rather limited, In fact, the only city bike I could find was a Kronan bike, for 600 euros, which was out of my league. So a foldable bike was my final choice (even though the salesperson did the best he could to prevent me from buying it), with a 225 euro pricetag.

It's an ok bike. You won't ride fast on it, even though it comes equipped with 6 external gears. You won't get the feeling of riding a great piece of engineering either, the feeling is closer to that of riding a bamboo scaffolding, equipped with wheels made of jelly, but apart from that, it's a nice little piece of transportation really.

And even though I do live close to the city, it has gotten that much closer now, and seems more open and accessible. My atrophied legs will certainly welcome the change as well.


Kristian | @ / 14:25 / 30th of july / 2006


Jonas | web / 14:32 / 30th of july / 2006

I'd love to post some pix, but my camera is on the fritz. The flassh is b0rken, and so far it has taken Nikon 3 weeks to fix it. Effing annoying.

I searched around for pictures of it on the interweb, but I can't find any. Maybe it's time for some camphone shots...?

dalager | web | @ / 14:57 / 30th of july / 2006

Moblog it. Now.

Camilla | web / 19:38 / 5th of august / 2006

Get out the camphone. I would love to see you on a foldable bike!

Jonas | web / 17:53 / 20th of august / 2006

Gotta get that picture taken, for crissakes, what kind of service is this? Several weeks pass, and the request has still not been met.

Jonas | web / 21:24 / 19th of october / 2006

Better late than ever, now with photographic evidence (:

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