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Stuff and more stuff 29.06.2007

June seems to be the time of year where stuff happens that I want to blog about, but never get around to. As I am a man of principles (at least, so I tell myself), this June shall be no exception. Here goes, completely random, unsorted, and unscrutinized.

  • Missing Reboot 9
  • Slightly corny doctor at the Tropical Medical Bureau in Dublin
  • The mindnumbing beauty of intense romantic affairs
  • Visiting the Punan in the Bornean jungle with Agau, and gaining another family
  • The wonders of Gudang Garam
  • The aftertaste of Tuak
  • My flagrant disregard for planning ahead (which made me who I am, for better or worse)

I know there's more, but this'll do for now.


Calvin | web | @ / 3:22 / 30th of june / 2007

Hi my life time - I don't think I'll be able to round the world just like you did. Envy you man...

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