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Do you have a TV? 29.04.2002

I used to, but in this country you have to pay to watch TV - it's nationalised - well partly anyway. You have to buy a license to watch TV, and it doesn't matter if you have the TV plugged in, as long as you have it, you have to pay.

After being a proud non-payee for three years, they finally came down on me in April last year, the TV-people, so I decided to pay [it's around US$230 a year incl. a radio license], I can't live without my TV [my friend, lover, mother rolled into one] I thought. Three months into my new found status as a proud payee of TV license, I realised that all I ever watched [and was able to remember I'd watched] was the news, Simpsons, and Rejseholdet — the rest was just noise really. Sure. On top of that, I had ordered my ADSL-connection which is pretty pricey on these latitudes [US$50/month incl. phone subscription], and I am a poor student, and yadda-yadda, so I was toying with the idea of waving the middle finger at the TV-company and hauling my ass out of their database, and then, of all days, I pick September 11 for the ceremony - talk about bad timing, whoah!

Whatched an hour of endless loops of plane#2 hitting the north tower, and then I carried the TV to my my storage room in the basement where it still resides. I have been online for 2943 hours since then, according to my spiffy little online timer. I've only really missed my TV twice since that day, once after a two day bender and once while I was sick and stayed in bed for a couple of days.

I figured I would get a lot more time to read and be cultural, but really, I just park my behind in front of the computer instead.

I wanted to write this entry on the day of my 6 month anniversary of being TV-less, just to show that september 11 was a day where a lot of other things happened too — people getting married, children being born, students giving up TV and so forth. But, well, my computer was having its intestines replaced on that very day, so I couldn't write anything. I know you all cried yourselves to sleep that night because you missed that posting from me, and I am sorry.

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