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Connecting 28.10.2003

Nicole V. Sylvester:

Your songs are pretty 'deep' — do you consider yourself a romantic?

Meshell Ndegeocello:

Hopeless! There is nothing more involved than love, falling in love, being in love — being vulnerable and connecting. It's hard, but I'm a sucker for romance every time! There is so much in the world that is about putting up barriers and defences, whether between people or between countries or the very technology we have become so addicted to. I guess I just try to connect in that human place, have an experience and rid myself of my fears of others and otherness.

Yay for romanticism!


Papi | @ / 8:14 / 29th of october / 2003

Har de fået skiven? 3'eren er en klasikker (hedder noget med mælkevejen), resten er kewl nok men måske lidt ens/ensformigt...

Bollefunk i dit firs!:-)

Jonas | web | @ / 10:08 / 29th of october / 2003

Jeg har fået skiven, købte den mandag hvor den ramte butikkerne herhjemme.

Jeg synes den er fantastisk, men jeg er nok også lidt farvet i min bedømmelse. Jeg er f.eks. helt vild med den måde hun siger 'Stir it up' på på 'Love Song #1'.

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