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KLIA 28.05.2007

Sitting at an internet cafe in KLIA getting a hit of bandwidth, and thought I might as well give a brief update here.

Not too hooked on flying intercontinental, but it does help having three seats for yourself, and the very friendly staff of Malaysian Airways to look after you.

First time in KLIA, everybody is really helpful, just like I remember the Malaysians in general, and I am looking very much forward to seeing Calvin in Bintulu, 4 hrs from now.

The last of the rain season is discharging a series of heavy showers outside, and with 32 degrees, the rain is rather welcomed.

I will be analog the next 10 days, so don't expect anything exciting around here (:


Calvin | web | @ / 6:29 / 28th of may / 2007

Hi Jonas,

Yup see you at the airport today. It would an exciting reunion my friend

David Blangstrup | web / 18:38 / 31st of may / 2007

Well, this is exciting enough I would say! ;)

Paul Katz | @ / 0:05 / 15th of june / 2007

Hi Jonas - Hope you remember me (Joyce's friend from Boulder). I'm in the process of interviewing for a position with Google. They're starting a small team here in Boulder.

How do you like working for the company?

Hope all is well and maybe I'll see you soon,

Jonas | web / 21:37 / 16th of june / 2007

Hi Paul, great to hear from you, sure I remember you, and thanks for letting us stay at your house (:

I'll write you up an email, so keep an eye on your inbox!

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