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Le Professionnel 28.02.2008

Jean-Paul Belmondo is the french James Bond.

Corny music, corny hairdoo's, corny clothing (as in really, really, truly tight polyester pants), in fact, it's so corny it wins on it.

Rich with cliché dialogues, and equally cliché institutions (of course he has a lover, of course his wife is the most loyal person in the world, of course he eats a croissant). Furthermore, the sexual nuances are served upfront with Belmondo's cheekyness, and especially the lesbian police interrogation methods — jesus, that's action for you!

Oh, and thumbs up for consistently calling the girl with the best derriere in the movie for 'le putain' — that cracked me up everytime.

Interesting fact: Belmondo is the favourite action star of Jackie Chan and Chow Yun-Fat, according to the IMDB entry on Le Professionnel.

3 of 5 stars from me.

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