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Aimster goes Mad(ster) and adds subscription service 28.01.2002

From being my prefered tool to pick up obscene music on the web, Aimster gets a new name — Madster — and does no longer support the mac platform. Booohooo! I can't even log in using the old Aimster 1.009 Beta [which in terms of stability seemed to be an alpha release of a beta version].

The change of name was laid upon them by a lawsuit by AOL, claiming that the name "Aimster" violated the trademark of AOL's chat software AOL Instant Messenger. I, for one, have never associated Aimster with AIM, not even when I heard of it the first time around. The change of platform support seems enigmatic to me, but I guess they didn't feel like developing their app for a fruit machine which holds a small marketshare.

It is still free, but they've added a subscription service that offers better connectivity and recommendations from other [l]users. Better connectivity? Is this their way of admitting, that connectivity sucked previously [which absolutely was the case]? No reason for me to get all worried about that, Mactella is still around, thank god.

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