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What the web asks Google about 27.07.2009

Google Suggest - Happy Danes


Sasidhar | web | @ / 12:24 / 28th of july / 2009

funny !

The one for Indians is funny too. The one for Americans is scary though, not one positive thing !

Jonas / 13:05 / 28th of july / 2009

Heh, the one for "why are irish" is pretty entertaining as well (:

Matthew | web | @ / 20:43 / 28th of july / 2009

The last one for "Why are Americans" is awesome. I AM afraid of dragons!

Jonas | web / 23:21 / 28th of july / 2009

@Matthew: So am I, but did you know that Canadians, as a people in fact, are afraid of the dark? Neither did I.

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