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A feel-good Sunday evening with Jens 27.05.2008

Jens Lekman, flipping the bird

The spanish girl pointed at me and said "silencio!"
making a little gesture as if switching off my radio
sliding her fingers 'cross her lips as if shutting a zipper
I clearly got the message I didn't need to ask her

Making the reverse zipper 'cross my lips opening for conversation
signaling the international sign of reckless contemplation
shrugging her shoulders and lifting up the hand that rested on her thigh
her middle finger extended until it's simpel message could not be denied

Jens Lekman played at The Village in Dublin with his all-girls band on Sunday. It was terribly entertaining, and Jens is very Scandinavian I think, and he'd probably kick my ass if I told him so. He's funny, he pulls in the crowd, he's heartfelt, and sarcastic. There, maybe now he'll only punch me in the nose.

I was surrounded by people with year-long admiration for the man, and others with very outspoken wishes to marry him. At the end, I just really wanted to buy his CD, but there was nobody tending the stand. Guess I could've knicked one, but I didn't.


bmb | web | @ / 22:45 / 29th of may / 2008

its not a wish. I *am* going to marry him :)

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