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Hit Instrumentals, 1973 27.04.2008

I've just bought a USB-turntable, so I can listen to some of the records I've bought in Dublin, and looking around shops yesterday clocked in a nice 3 albums, and two 45s. One of the albums is the following:

Hit Instrumentals, 1973

Cover-wise, nothing much, a little boring maybe, apart from the women all having their mouths open, and wearing clothing that probably would be hip today (is that a knitted dress on the one in the middle?).

Music-wise, it's a curio. It seems to me, that there was a movement of remaking albums with instrumentals of perfectly good tracks back then, as I have a couple of similar albums at home in Copenhagen. Usually, the tracks have been mutilated in some shape or form, and this one is no exception. Have a listen to the version of Serge Gainsbourg's "Je t'aime".

Argh! Hammond hell. The intro is so promising, and then that hammond... My ears are bleeding.

I have no idea of who is actually playing on the album, as it doesn't list one single piece of information about the musicians, so I'm stuck with the 'unknown artist' signifier.

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