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Sticky links, 25. maj 2008 25.05.2008

The Danish newspaper Politiken brings a story saying that Scandinavia can thank the vikings and their high degree of trust between them, for the current wealth. It sounds sort of romantic, and I'm not sure I subscribe to the idea. They touch upon the violence inherent in the society, and I would probably give that quite a bit of influence in the theory as well. It was hardly trust people thought of when they saw a handful of longboats looming in the horizon.

I've been doing much kiting lately, with my trainer kite, and yesterday at Sandymount winds were blazing. I managed to get a pendulum jump, and lots of scudding (video on flickr or youtube for anyone interested). Roberto went with me to have a go at it, and we were both utterly knackered after 45 minutes.

Philip Glass is playing in St. Patricks in Dundalk in July. Last time I saw him play, somebody ripped a fart so hard on the row I was sitting on, that I had to blog about it. Back then he played with a certain extremely talented griot, this time it will be etudes for piano and he will be joined by other assumable equally talented musicians. Maybe I should go?

Tom Waits and Anti has a talent for making press conferences. I'd like to see him play in Dublin, but really, 130 euro for a ticket? If only they had convinced Joe Henry to play Dublin on his European tour, that would pretty much have made my day.

At Cashmusic they have some really great CC-licensed music from artist such as Kristin Hersh (of Throwing Muses fame), and Donita Sparks. It comes highly recommended by me. They have stems for doing remixes available as well, if that tickles your fancy.

By proxy I managed to ask Saul Williams two questions in an interview done by friends from onemoretune at All Tomorrows Parties. Before that, I was taking pictures of Ane Brun while they conducted their interview with her in Dublin. Keep an eye on their website for the interviews, hopefully they'll be up soon.

Well, turned out to be a mixed bag of links and anecdotes. Now I'm off to the Soul Picnic at the Dublin City Soul Festival. Weather is perfect for it, so I'm looking forward to a day in the sun.


Rasmus | web | @ / 21:09 / 25th of may / 2008

Good relations goign back to the vikings? How does that explain the wars we had with the Swedes in the meantime? I don't buy it either. Language is an important common denominator, and I guess that can be traced back to the Viking era, but it's definitely reaching.

Tom Waits tickets are never too expensive. Go buy one if they're not already sold out. I did.

While you do that, I might just check out your recommendation. :)

Tore | web | @ / 22:45 / 25th of may / 2008

Bump Rasmus on the Waits tickets. Done it twice. Never looked back... But damn the timing of them concerts here in ye olde Europe. Damn.

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