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3rd Bass in retrospect 25.02.2008

I remember that evening, I was 14-15, decked out in all my hiphop-paraphernalia, and with my homeboys TBM and Mello-D, next to me in the line. My phat laces was sparkling, the army fatigues was exactly the right number of sizes too big, and my red college jacket had my PE panels all over — front, back, and on the arm. My hat was adorned by a couple of Beastie pins, I think.

We were in line for the concert in K.B.-Hallen, in my own neighbourhood. The line-up was epic. 3rd Bass, was part of it, and then I can't remember if it was Public Enemy, but I think it was, because I think there was a bit of a kerfuffle leading up to the concert, regarding some anti-semitic spewing by Proff Griff, and Serch and Pete Nice not taking it on too well.

I remember staying later, after the show was done, waiting, hoping, that Serch and the Prime Minister would come out next to stage so you could shake their hands and give them some respect. Because, you know, they were white, they were like the Beastie Boys back then — some white guys behind a mic, and that was pretty unusual. Made it slightly easier to relate to them, even though it didn't change my protected middle-class upbringing.

3rd Bass disappeared shortly after that, Serch releasing Return of the Product a couple of years later (a highly recommended album, by the way, which features the 1st ever appearance of Nas I believe), and Prime Minister Pete Nice tried going solo as well, on Dust to Dust, with Daddy Rich. Last time I saw Serch in action was at the Roskilde Festival 2005, where he was on stage with his daughter. It was supposed to be 3rd Bass performing, but apparently the PM Pete Nice, didn't make the plane, or some such.

Browsing on eMusic, I just found some Serch, released a year ago, and it's not bad, really, I've always liked his flow. Seems he is still in the industry, and has his own label as well (Serchlight).

PM Pete Nice on the other hand, opened a baseball memorabilia shop in Cooperstown, NY, and wrote a book about baseball legends who's been put to rest in Brooklyn's Gren-Wood Cemetary. The book has been reviewed as being "great for old-time baseball huffs and Brooklyn historians".

I'm not sure which of these two careers I'm most impressed by. Probably Pete Nice's though, for leaving the business, and doing something that's close to him. 3rd Bass is a baseball expression, so I'm expecting he had something to do with the naming in the first place.


Thomas aka Mello-D | web | @ / 17:06 / 20th of may / 2008

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, homie — and thanks for the update on 3rd Bass.

I don't know if I'm allowed to include HTML in here — but I'll give it a try:

PS. There's a quite good collection of 3rd Bass videos on YouTube.

Thomas aka Mello-D | web | @ / 17:07 / 20th of may / 2008

OK, didn't work, so here's the URL:

Jonas | web / 17:07 / 20th of may / 2008

Fantastic! Of course you still have the ticket, man that was one hell of an evening. Nice touch that you have ticket number 002, we must've been in line for them the day they were put on sale (:

Do you remember the year? Was it 1990, or 1991?

Oh, and apologies about the multiposting, seems like I have to approve comments before they show up. Think I'll change it to the other way around, so that they show up immediately, then I can approve or whatnot afterwards.

Thanks for the ticket picture, that's priceless Mello-D (;

Thomas aka Mello-D | web | @ / 17:08 / 20th of may / 2008

On the ticket it says Friday March 30, which means it must have been 1990. Yeah, we probably had tickets number 001 through 003.

The triple posting is my bad. I got impatient because the posting of my comment took more than a split second and I canceled and re-submitted a couple of times.

Thanks for the post again... keep 'em coming.

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