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That feeling 23.12.2001

This is another hit from my inbox entitled "This really worked for me". I thought the 'make money fast and do nothing'-people had vanished from the net. Apparently not.

I'll make you a promise. READ THIS E-MAIL TO THE END! - follow what it says to the letter - and you will not worry whether a RECESSION is coming or not, who is President, or whether you keep your current job or not. Yes, I know what you are thinking. I never responded to one of these before either. One day though, something just said "you throw away $25.00 going to a movie for 2 hours with your wife". "What the heck." Believe me, no matter where you believe "those feelings" come from, I thank every day that I had that feeling.

Just to make it crystal clear that this is spam, they end the message with these lines:

* This is a one time mailing and this list will never be used again.

* To be removed from this list, please send an email with the word remove in the subject line to [email removed]

That last bit made me laugh - hard.

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