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Another fairly useless single-serving site 23.03.2009

Yesterday, while the other people in my household were cooking dinner, I made a weather single-serving site for Dublin. Is it raining in Dublin? will answer that question, and that question only. There's no user-generated content, there are no dot-oooh effects either, but it has a favicon!

There might sometimes be a slight delay (~15-20 minutes) in the weather data, and if it's very local showers, heck, then I won't know about them. Apart from that, it should be pretty sturdy.

A couple of useless features comes to mind, and they are already on my extensive roadmap of this top notch, bleeding edge web application. The possibilities are endless.

Thanks to for making it so easy to get my mittens on the domain I wanted.


Sasidhar | web | @ / 14:01 / 23rd of march / 2009

Brilliant ! :)
Nice domain too.

you can do so much more with that domain name ! :)

What data are you using for weather?

Sasidhar | web | @ / 14:05 / 23rd of march / 2009

Oh also, is showing a index page. maybe you wanna just put in a link to the weather page...

Jonas | web / 14:20 / 23rd of march / 2009

Thanks Sasidhar, I put a link there now, good suggestion. I'm getting data from wunderground at the moment, they seem to be the most up to date source I could find.

And you are right, many possibilities with the domain, let's hope I can rise to the occasion for some of my ideas (:

troels | web | @ / 17:24 / 23rd of march / 2009

Jones, you have baked a perfect lovechild! More I say. More!

Alfredo | web | @ / 21:30 / 23rd of march / 2009

Some suggestions: (entertaiment channel) (guests)
and moooore :-)

мария / 1:26 / 24th of march / 2009

reminds me of, sans happy ending.

some pimping? with your own photographs?
like so

Clinton | web | @ / 19:57 / 11th of may / 2009

Excellent. seeing more and more of these site around the web, but that's a great domain.

elmanufico | web / 11:18 / 5th of july / 2009

wow fairly important information indeed. I'll check it out from time to time to see how much you guys are suffering over there ;)

Roos | @ / 17:59 / 31st of december / 2009


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