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The art of Carbonara 23.02.2009

Another foodie post, but there's a good reason.

The local branch of digital archeology recently recovered footage from the summer of 2007, where Tjhien was the mastermind behind an 8 minute carbonara preparation session in the Dublin 4 area.

Plenty of topics are covered in the footage, and the carbonara ended up being quite perfect. The archeological efforts behind the recovery of the footage was motivated by Tjhien's birthday last week. Enjoy.

Soundtrack provided by Nobody Beats The Beats


Alfredo | web | @ / 23:03 / 23rd of february / 2009

Not bad, not bad at all.
Still, i'm waiting to taste Tjhien's carbonara before giving my final opinion on that :-)

Jonas | web / 11:53 / 24th of february / 2009

If it's anything to go by, I survived it, twice. So I can vouch for it, honestly.

Tore | web | @ / 13:01 / 24th of february / 2009

I too am a Tjhien Carbonara Survivor. Only beat it once though, but I remember it like was yesterday.

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