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Happy holidays 22.12.2007

I sit down to do one thing. I surf to a site. Find an interesting story. Forget what I sat down to do. Find another interesting story (repeat ad nauseam), and 2hrs later, I remember what I sat down to do, and then it's gotten quite late, and I am supposed to go to bed.

Not sure what I wanted to do with this entry, but hey, now that I'm here, I might as well wish anybody out there happy holidays. I am bound for a short stint to Copenhagen, hoping for snow, and good times with family and friends.

I could write about stunningly exciting fairy tales, and utterly predictable predictableness. But I'll spare you, because I remember what I sat down to look for: tickets for Lissabon.

Merry Christmas, see you on the other side of the gløgg and æbleskiver.


David Blangstrup | web / 5:43 / 22nd of december / 2007

Merry Xmas! :)

Jess Have | web | @ / 9:17 / 22nd of december / 2007

I can totally relate to that first paragraph! Especially when starting out by checking your RSS reader!

Happy holidays!

Tore | web | @ / 10:01 / 22nd of december / 2007

Gimme a call if you're bored over Xmas, old timer.

Jonas | web / 17:56 / 23rd of december / 2007

Thanks David, you too!

And that's exactly how it all began Jess (:

Will do. have a packed program though, so I'm not sure I can make it ):

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