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Saul Williams does a Radiohead, but better 22.11.2007

Saul Williams

Saul Williams latest album "The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggytardust!" is available at his website.

It's for free, if you feel like it, or you can pay 5 US$ for it. What you pay for is the possibility to get the files in FLAC or two different mp3 formats (192 or 320 Kbps). All versions include a PDF with artwork and lyrics.

It's great to see not only the big and significant artists taking a step like this, but then again, Saul Williams is an avid anti-DRM proponent.

Go Saul!

Update: His cover of Sunday Bloody Sunday is pretty damn good!


Jane | @ / 13:13 / 23rd of november / 2007

Thanks. It was well worth the time it took to get it down.

plok | web | @ / 14:46 / 25th of november / 2007

It's downloading. If records were 5 US$ when I was a kid...

Jonas | web / 15:15 / 25th of november / 2007

@Jane: Downloading was a little slow for me as well, but yes, well worth it I'd say.

@plok: I know 5 US$ is like nothing these days, won't even get you a pint in a Danish bar (:

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