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Danish Google Doodle 22.09.2008

Even though I'm currently in Sweden, I still use, and I noticed there's a danish doodle for the first day of spring autumn. Nice, I was wondering when they were going to throw some localised versions up there. Have you noticed them before? Am I being inconceivable slow, again?

Google Autumn Doodle, in Danish


David Blangstrup | web / 18:02 / 22nd of september / 2008


Jonas | web / 18:10 / 22nd of september / 2008

Haha, season FAIL. Thanks David, I should hire you as my copywriter.

мария | web / 13:39 / 23rd of september / 2008

or country fail. you might have meant Australia, where they're indeed celebrating the first day of spring. so many ways to fail (:

Anders Saugstrup | web | @ / 10:25 / 26th of september / 2008

Hi Jonas. Just fund your blog. Will serve myself a feed and see what you are up to! :-)

Jonas | web / 14:45 / 27th of september / 2008

@мария: Indeed, plenty of ways to fail, but then again, it almost turned into a win, didn't it? Kinda?

@Anders: Anders, I hope you won't be disappointed (:

Jonas | web / 12:35 / 14th of october / 2008

@мария: You'll be pleased to know that analytics tells me, that one person actually found my site by searching for [logo google "first day of spring" australia] (: Now that's what I call optimising!

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