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Flying higher now with moving images 22.05.2008

So, I went out on Tuesday with my kite again, and the good man Eoin came along with his kite, which quite a bit bigger than mine. Wind was good, and you can see the slight pull that my kite gives you in winds of approx. 25Km/h.

Later on, Eoin launched his kite, and he practiced some pendulum jumps.

I had to try as well, of course, and did a faceplant. Tore, I still have face, and I was laughing most of the time. Had sand in all my pockets afterwards (:


Sasidhar | web | @ / 6:46 / 23rd of may / 2008

This looks like fun !

Jonas | web / 11:59 / 23rd of may / 2008

I promise you it is (:

Tore | web | @ / 12:34 / 23rd of may / 2008

Weeeeee! And glad to hear your face didn't go for the 2008 Mash-up Awards.

Jonas | web / 14:44 / 24th of may / 2008

Heh, my face survived, and I only got a couple of bruises. Sand is very good in that way, easy on the impact (:

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