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Rubbing my backend 22.05.2006

I'm trying to work around some issues on the blog these days, one of them being a way to handle my incesent indecisiveness on which language to write entries in. I guess it'll be an ugly mix from now on, with postings both in danish and in english.

To cater for the new and exciting visitors expected to flood the pages to read my english content, I've been changing the most important bits in the UI to english. You no longer have to type a danish character to write a comment, all you have to do is a little math instead (hope you can handle that bravi ma basta (-: ).

I also got thoroughly fed up of with my linkroll, the drop-down being a cognitive barrier I couldn't overcome, so I hardly ever used it myself. Instead I hacked together a small link love thingy to the right, randomly showing 10 links from the evergrowing pool of websites, that I can't live without reading on a daily basis.

And then I changed a bunch of things on the backend, but I still can't figure out how to get around the pesky hanging bug when posting comments with Opera. I'll have to squash that some other weekend.


Rasmus | web | @ / 2:45 / 22nd of may / 2006

Okay, the math thing - not cool. Why not go with one of the antispam plugins? I recently learned about the one that comes with WP. Pretty neat.

As for the languages, I know how you feel. Personally, I ended up with two different blogs. One in each language, but that route might not suit you. How about just marking each one with an icon and a specifc tag, so readers can easily choose to see only one of the languages if they want to?

As for UI, that's a little trickier. I'd just stick with English on that one. It's not like the Danes don't know how to read English anyway. I just like your tone, when you actually post in Danish, so I'd hate to see that go.

Tore | web | @ / 9:30 / 22nd of may / 2006

I suck at math, but I hope this'll pass through the badass filter you've set up. I'm not sure a WP solution is the way to go, Rasmus, since this here getup is olde skool homebrew - but they do work nicely. All in all I think the "enter a character here" solution is quite elegant.

About linguistics, I know the feeling. I've contemplated firing something away in Danish quite a lot recently, but somehow I think it would mess up a whole lot of archives. Then again, you've always been schitzoid on that account, Jonas. But I guess you won't loose your loyal Danish serv... ehm readers on account of the UI.

Speaking of UI and visuals, I think you need a wee bit of padding under your Archives for November 2001 - or just add an empty footer.

By the way, are you developing a sweet Irish accent? It doesn't show in your writing yet.

Jonas | web / 19:19 / 22nd of may / 2006

Rasmus, I thought the math thing was quite nippy (and I totally nicked it from Think I'll leave it for a while to see how it goes. I can't use the WP-plugins yet, since, as Tore writes, this is homegrown code, and I can roll with the big ones just yet.

But the icons is a good idea, I'll see if I can implement it in a nice way.

Padding, good point Tore. Done.

Jonas | web / 0:40 / 23rd of may / 2006

Oh, and Rasmus, I'll still be posting in Danish, no diggity, no doubt (:

BraviMaBasta | web | @ / 2:06 / 23rd of may / 2006

oh well, publicly blamed for not handling Danish characters...:/ my bad.
I know it feels weird to write in a foreign language, I'm very much concerned about that, but take it as a way to attach memories to words, if you live in the place where locals speak that language.
good night. l.

Eric | web / 8:05 / 23rd of may / 2006

Yay, I can read your blog again!!!

Jonas | web / 10:04 / 23rd of may / 2006

BraviMaBasta: And it does feel weird to post in a foreign language, but it also quite nice, like going back to the roots (:

Eric: Yes, you can, how do you like them apples? (:

Oh and Tore, about the accent, just wait till you hear me speak, under the right circumstances (ie. Guinness in hand, at Grogans after nightfall (: ).

Tore | web | @ / 22:21 / 23rd of may / 2006

Can't wait to hear it, bro. Although I suck at staying awake till the wee hours these days ;)

Jonas | web / 0:59 / 24th of may / 2006

No worries, I've grown quite accustomed to drinking early in the day, so I am sure we can find a solution to that (:

Jonas | web / 12:56 / 24th of may / 2006

IE, you worthless pile of doo-doo. My fancy new comments looks pants when rendered by thee.

Guy Montag | web / 22:18 / 3rd of june / 2006

The math thing is very nice, until it doesn't get very complicated, I'm a complete dumb at Maths, I have always been and always will be.

It's nice to be finally able to read your blog. As a reward to this, Italian pasta on Wednesday night :-)

Jonas | web / 0:14 / 6th of june / 2006

Guy, welcome to the thrilling doodles of mine, and I am looking forward to pasta on wednesday (:

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