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Hip Hop ya don't stop 21.09.2002

Leaving for the Jam2thebeat event at Vega in less than 10 minutes with Papi [who wrote this article], a night of Electric boogie, breakdancing and locking, sweet.

I remember back in the early 1990's where a hip hop jam weren't a real jam if the crowd didn't form a circle and do some homemade breaking in between performers. I got in the center of those circles once in a while, but what I performed had no resemblance what so ever to the artform of break, boogie or locking. It was usually just a little running man and some horrible homemade steps I had practiced. I think tonight is where I'll realize how silly it was not to have done more about the break dancing bit, because when you look at breakers perform at venues, you wanna join them. And tonight this wouldn't be safe for neither them nor me.

Jam2thebeat is arranged by tothebeat, a Danish Hip Hop Organization.

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