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Tales of living offline 21.03.2002

This week, social authorities of the municipality of Frederiksberg, Denmark, found a young man curled up in a fetal position in the living room of his two room apartment. When the authourities made their entry the young man was sucking his thumb while frantically clutching his green adsl modem and making hissing sounds best described as 'white noise', according to one social worker who was part of the rescue team.

The social authorities was alerted by neighbours who had called to voice their concern about the sudden change in the young mans behaviour beginning last monday. The most alarming point was that lights went out before midnight, and a nearby fast food joint could confirm, that they had not seen the young man all week, and had concluded that he must had left the country.

A spokesperson from the social affairs office of Frederiksberg concluded that the young mans behaviour was best described as a 'textbook example of digital withdrawal symptoms', due to his Macintosh G4 being repaired, hence unavailable.

In spite of the critical condition the young man was discovered in, the spokesman from the social authorities where optimistic in regard to the young mans recovery. »We have seen a few cases as bad as this one, but our optimism is based on the fact that this young man had a battered edition of Tolkiens 'The Hobit' and a tattered 'three-in-one' edition of 'The Lord of the Rings' lying next to him on the floor.«

»The young man didn't own a TV set, so we believe that the fine books of Mr. Tolkien helped him maintain a tiny shred of sanity in the void his G4 left behind.«

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