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Illegal in Denmark 21.02.2008

I'm sure some people have heard about the recent blockage of The Pirate Bay by the ISP Tele2. They blocked access after a court ordered them to do so, on behalf of IFPI (the Danish version of RIAA).

Now, leaving it in the hands of the ISPs to decide what Danish citizens can or cannot visit online, seems pretty ridiculous. There are obvious workarounds as well, to the blocking. Changing your DNS server to one which doesn't block The Pirate Bay seems an obvious choice.

Another choice is to use a web based proxy to access Pirate Bay, there are plenty of those services out there, such as anonymouse.

Anywho, it's totally ridiculous in any sense, and a very short-sighted and narrow minded strategy to block access to single websites (yes, that is censorship), when Pirate Bay obviously isn't the only torrent tracker in the world (or the only website in the world who leads their users to potentially illegal content, search engines seems to do this as well, if the user wants it).

Since I'm living in Ireland, I'm not affected by the ridiculous ruling of the Danish court system, and as a little service, I'd like to share a website with my fellow Danish citizens. It's called Tagoo, and is an mp3 search engine, where you can download mp3's directly from the website. Really handy. Hurry up before IFPI get's to them too.

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