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Klisterlinks 21. februar, 2007 21.02.2007

Min trofaste linkpusher, Kristian, er begyndt at blogge igen, yay! Jeg håber jeg kan holde linkstrømmen oppe ved egen drift, men vil nok fremover henvise en del til Kristians egen blog når emnerne omhandler computersikkerhed (det er nemlig lissom lidt Kristians pet-peewee, dér).


Rasmus | web | @ / 20:08 / 21st of february / 2007

... aaaAARRRGGHH! Where's the sweet design? What's all that? So white and bare and, well, bare.

Jonas | web / 21:12 / 23rd of february / 2007

Well, I just wanted it to be pure and innocent, and geeky, and simple, and all sorts of things (:

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