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In Tuscany they have lots of good food 20.08.2006

Italy was damn fine. Lots of delicious food was had, lots of sunrays were caught, and lots of seawater swallowed. What more can you ask for? We managed to learn the following 9 10 things during or in between the above activities.

  1. Lying still on the beach results in an uneven tanning surface; unless the towel is moved continuously with the trajectory of the sun
  2. A speed limit of 50 obviously means 90+
  3. Hessam wielding tomatoes & eggs = culinary masterpiece
  4. In Italy, "This afternoon" means "could be this afternoon, or any time extending from that period".
  5. A purchased fridge can be carried up the stairs by two young semidressed lads, seemingly not professionals in the cargo business.
  6. Ice cream is henceforth refered to as gelato, said in an annoying arrogant voice.
  7. Wine is henceforth refered to as vino, still in an annoying arrogant voice.
  8. The momentum of the 2nd gear of a Lancia Ypsillon is highly overrated, and should not be deployed during overtaking of other vehicles. Try the third instead
  9. The boom meant to contain parked cars and their drivers on the parking lot, is in fact easily circumvented due to its high flexibility.
  10. Backgammen is played best when done xtreme!

A helluva lot of pictures on my 23 account.


Tore | web | @ / 13:59 / 22nd of august / 2006

Maybe it's just me, but there is something poetic about having a holiday album with exactly 256 photos in it.

Oh, and welcome back J.

Jonas | web / 1:15 / 23rd of august / 2006

It is slightly poetic, I'll give you that. A little like when I got the tab for the wardrobe at a concert the other day, and I was given number 42. That's magic, in a geeky way (:

Kristian | web | @ / 23:38 / 25th of august / 2006

Svovle! Edder! Forbandelse!

Misundelse er en grim ting, men jeg er god til det!

Jonas | web / 22:44 / 26th of august / 2006

@Kristian: Ja, du ville nok slå ihjel for fjorten dage dernede lige nu :P

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