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Next destination: Sarawak, Borneo 20.05.2007

Punan farmhouse, on wild rice paddy

It's been a rather travelling year for me already, and the next destination is already set in stone. The background for it is rather unique, I think, and I thought I would share it here.

11 years ago, I visited a Punan longhouse in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, with Ida Nicolaisen. Ida is an anthropologist, and lived with the Punan, and became the adopted sister of a Punan artist. I snapped a lot of slides back then, and eventually got around to digitizing them, and putting them online on my 23-account. Then, last summer, I got a comment on one of the pictures (and I blogged about that as well, and it even got posted on digg, but didn't really get dugged (: ). It was Calvin, asking how I knew Ida, because that was his aunt in Punan Bah.

Since then, Calvin and I have been in contact via email, and this winter he invited me to join them in Punan Bah to celebrate the Gawai Dayak this summer. And that's what I am going to do.

The itinerary sounds very exciting, and includes picnics, sailing, fishing, 4-Wheel drive trips, celebrating while getting drunk off Tuak (local rice wine). Needless to say, I am pretty damn excited! I'll be packing my D50 to snap some more shots from out there.


Kristian | web | @ / 22:12 / 20th of may / 2007

Damn cool! Hurra for global netvørking ;)

Rasmus | web | @ / 0:15 / 21st of may / 2007

Fantabulous story. Don't forget to snap a lot of sli... ehm... pictures this time around too!

And did I mention that you are a lucky son of a gun?

Tore | web | @ / 0:45 / 21st of may / 2007

Not jealous at all, mate. That rice moonshine kick hard, by the way? Can you import some or is it illegal in ye olde Europa?

Hessam | web / 18:24 / 21st of may / 2007

That sounds like a hella good trip ;)
Have fun my friend, we'll miss you in the office!

Jonas | web / 23:49 / 21st of may / 2007

Yeah, global networking rocks, and I am one lucky son of a b*tch indeed! That Tuak stuff might be importable, I'll see what I can do, as far as I remember, it's pretty potent (:

I'll miss you, but not the office (;

Calvin | web | @ / 5:55 / 23rd of may / 2007

Hi everyone,

It's still about a week away. If anyone still interested in joining Jonas to visit us (the Punan) - you're most welcome. Book your flight early as this is festive season. Don't worry - we'll not going to chop your head off - but expect partying all night long. It's going to be lot of fun.

Jan | web | @ / 7:29 / 23rd of may / 2007

Fancy! Sounds like a good place for some extreme backgammoning as well!

Roberto | web / 18:20 / 23rd of may / 2007

Hell man, damn nice! Have a great time and enjoy it as much as you can, as I am sure you will. And remember that the traveling year is not over yet, we must hang out together in the Irish countryside, not as fancy as Borneo but, damn, that's what we got in the tiny island, isn't it?

A big hug my friend!

Jonas | web / 23:47 / 24th of may / 2007

Nice of you to chime in Calvin, happy you won't chop my head off (:

Jan, I'll bring your board and get some xtreme bg shots for you from Borneo, how does that sound?

And Roberto, no doubt we will hang out in the Irish countryside during this year, so many places to go!

Jan | web | @ / 3:02 / 25th of may / 2007

Great! I am sitting here In Mountain View in the office and actually right NOW it's over! Going to an Irish Pub now to soften the cultural shock before flying out to Dublin tomorrow. So I am back on Saturday afternoon - enough time to give you my bg-board!! ;-)

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