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Hypnotic stuck in Dublin, sold out Sugar Club 20.04.2010

If you haven't been introduced to the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, then here's the skinny on them. 8 brothers, they all play brass, hailing from the Chicago southside, sons of Phil Cohran who was a key player in Sun Ra's Arkestra in the late 50s. Last year I got to see HBE two days in a row, and on the first night, I had just seen The Arkestra play at the Cork jazz-festival, so it was like an evening spanning 50 years of jazz.

They played Dublin last week, arranged by the mighty Choice Cuts, and then they got ashed in over the weekend. They were supposed to support Gorillaz at Coachella, but had to cancel, and thankfully, Mark Murphy acted fast, got a gig arranged at Sugar Club (my personal favorite venue in Dublin), and they sold it out. I'm sorry for all the people who missed them at Coachella, but they made 400 people in Dublin extremely happy. HBE don't sleep on no ash-induced delays!

Below are some pictures from the gig:

And if there's nothing showing, it's because 23 is having some issues. They are up on Choice Cuts flickr-account as well.


keith Mander | web | @ / 0:45 / 21st of april / 2010

Missed it both times (a mighty cold). Bummer.

Jonas | web / 16:07 / 28th of may / 2010

Crying shame Keith, but I think you'll get an opportunity to see them again plenty of times in this fair city (;

zhangcaiyun99 | web | @ / 7:32 / 9th of september / 2010

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