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tumblr 19.09.2007

I signed up for tumblr a while ago, but haven't checked it out since then. Apparently they've added a lot of new features since then, and I am now aggregating all my different things in one over at I had some problems with the custom domain, but it should be working now.

In short, tumblr is a service that let's you combine the feeds of all the services you use on the web (in my case it's twitter, flickr, this blog,, and my shared items in Google Reader) and display them in one place. They also have a nippy little Post to tumblr bookmarklet so you can post stuff straight to your tumblr-account.


troels | @ / 18:25 / 21st of september / 2007

Alas.. Troede du var manden som satte den slags rss parsing op selv, for at have fuld kontrol. Men du valgte så den nemme løsning.. Det kan der jo være mange grunde til..

Jonas | web / 2:36 / 24th of september / 2007

Ja, burde nok også have hjemmerullet noget, men det her så så nemt of ubesværligt ud, og så kan man jo bruge sin tid på noget andet, f.eks. at gå til koncerter (:

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