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Cream - vim reconfigured 19.06.2006

Not quite like the Vi(m) I am used to, but Cream is a very nice alternativ to Vi(m), if you are stuck on Windows during your daytime job (and you don't have rights to install cygwin).

You can make it behave pretty much like the regular vi(m), or you can make use of the mouse friendly added extras.


rkk | web / 11:51 / 24th of june / 2006

Cream looks mighty fine, but in the stuck on Windows-scenario, why not just use the Windows-port of (g)Vim?
Furthermore, installing it by means of unzipping the Zip file does not require administrative permissions.

If only TextMate was available on Windows too, *sigh* ...

Jonas | web / 20:08 / 24th of june / 2006

Oh, mighty good suggestion indeed, must look into that post haste. And yes, too bad that TextMate is an OS X app only, I miss it so, on those long days staring at the start menu...

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