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An item from my wishlist 18.12.2001

Yes, it's the obligatory wishlist snippet, and apart from a new harddisk, OS X, firewire CD burner, iPod, and similar electric gadgets, I wish for books this year - books, books, books.

It is kind of inconsistent with my current status as a soon to be graduate - I will hopefully earn my bachelors degree this winter, hence I won't touch upon any academic litterature for a while, at least not by way of my courses. Nonetheless, I still like to read, especially if it has something interesting to say about the way we communicate with each other, with the web and the future of communication and society in the light of all the opportunities the new technology are likely to bring us.

In that case I don't distinguish much between academic or fictional litterature, they both have an equal chance of speculating in what's going to happen in the future - they just relay their visions differently, and base them on different assumptions. Is Gibsons 'jacking' in to the world of data [the matrix] that much different from Castell's way of 'jacking' into cultural globalisation and the nodes in the corporate networks?

One of the books on my list this year is The Hacker Ethic and the Spirit of the Information Age by Pekka Himanen, Linus Torvalds and Manuel Castells. I've read the preface and chapter one at the above address, and it makes for exciting reading no matter what your interests are.

Listening to Funkstörung.

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