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Paying dues to YouTube 18.07.2006

I used to get the odd Powerpoint from people with presentations on why women are smarter than men, why penguins walk so funny, very important shit like that. These days, all I get is YouTube links, and I am grateful for that.

On YouTube, you can meet people you admire and respect, like this clip, where Sammy Davis Jr., Minnie Ripperton, and Richard Pryor are talking about when Minnie was attacked by a lion.

Or, like a young Tom Waits playing 'The Piano is Broken' at America2Night, and does a very funny interview afterwards.

Or like this 24 minute interview with Gil Scott-Heron on HardTalk from 2001, where he is questioned about his angry poems of the 70s, his influence on rap music, and his drug usage. The man is still sharp.

Thanks to YouTube, I've been introduced to the fantastic abilities of Denny Blaze (aka. Blazin Hazin), and some of his early compositions

And last but not least, I've learned that parrots can indeed do beatboxing.

I never get these kinds of enlightenments out of PowerPoint-attachments...


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Jonas | web / 15:06 / 19th of july / 2006

Oh bllx, those terms has 'Evil Empire' written all over it.

Tore | web | @ / 12:54 / 21st of july / 2006

Maybe this can serve as an umbrella then?

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