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Current location: Eric's place 18.03.2007

Currently sitting in a restaurant just around the corner from Eric's place in San Francisco! Eric and I met in 1999 in Copenhagen, and have kept in touch since via email and chat, and now we finally get to see each other again.

It's been a very eventful week, and I've met so many people my moleskine is bulging with names and new friendships, very exciting! San Francisco is great, and very diverse, in more than one sense. One more week to consume the city, and then it's back to Dublin.


Jan | web | @ / 21:56 / 20th of march / 2007

Hi! Staary? Perfect timing to leave Dublin! It's fecking freezing here... Anyhow, enjoy! cheers!

Calvin | web | @ / 2:26 / 21st of march / 2007

Hi Jonas,
Still at Francisco! Wow... really envy you. Traveling all over the world - hope you still have the energy to travel to Bintulu, Sarawak this coming May. :)

Jonas | web / 20:26 / 22nd of march / 2007

@Jan: Hehe, for once I actually had prety good timing, hopefully it gets warmer when I am back! (:

@Calvin: I hope so too, I still have to sit down and actually buy the tickets, but the energy is not lacking at least! (:

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