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San Sebastián
Current location is Dublin, after some extraordinarily adventurous weeks, including two weeks in California (pics) where I hung out with Thomas and Eric (Thanks!), a 5 day spontaneous easter getaway to northern Spain with partner in crime Oscar, which included witnessing an Easter procession in Logroño being stopped due to rain. Very dramatic, lots of panic because the wodden statues of Christ used in the procession are very fragile (pictures from Spain on flickr). It also included lots of pintxos and cortos, The Guggenheim in Bilbao, and good times were had in San Sebastián, in suspiciously freakish weather.

Finished off this weekend with my bonussisters wedding in Copenhagen, and it was pretty and sweet and all the things a wedding is supposed to be, congratulations Nanna and Niels!

Maybe it's time to get back to proper working life now?


Rasmus | web | @ / 3:07 / 18th of april / 2007

California?! You were on the coast without letting me know about it?!? Far er ikke sur. Han er skuffet. :P

Jonas | web / 10:11 / 18th of april / 2007

I know, I know, I'm ashamed of myself. But I was very stationary, and working a lot, so it would just have killed us both knowing I was in your hood, and not being able to see you. This way, I only killed myself.

Rasmus | web | @ / 12:50 / 18th of april / 2007

I hope, at least, that you were making a killing. Or having a killer time. Or both.

Jonas | web / 22:31 / 26th of april / 2007

Oh, I did have a killer time indeed!

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