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Decisions decisions 17.04.2002

Spent all day at the IT-C in Copenhagen, getting info on the different master courses they have. I am intrigued by practically all six of them, but two of them seems to be out of my reach as they require mathematics on A-level. The two that sounded most compelling was Design, Communication and Media [DKM] and Software development [SWU], both had extensive courses in programming, while the former focused on the web part of it [construction of, and interaction with, websites, and IT as a social and cultural media], the later focused on the customisation and utilisation of existing software, and developing new software tools for the specific internal needs of companies [route optimisation, CMS, and such].

I think I can narrow my interests down to be exactly those described in the DKM course; usability, information architecture, and database-driven websites have been a regular reason for me to stay up way too late at night, and missing out on a lot of healthy sleep. Now comes the tricky part though: 150 applicants, and only 40 slots to be filled. I have to do a very good job of selling myself in my application, so I better get to work ASAP.

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