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Finally! My own webspace!!! 16.12.2001

Yes, like I posted yesterday, I would get my own spot during the weekend, and now it is here. is the address, that's it, don't forget to update your bookmarks [as if anybody bookmarked my blog...*sigh*]. No more worrying about being terminated all of a sudden, at least not for the next year or so. Wooohooooo!!!

I wanted to buy or since I started blogging a couple of months ago, but very unfortunately, they are both taken, so I went for instead.

Naturally, would be best, but in the end the tld doesn't really matter for me, because it's mostly to honour the great Roger Troutman from the 1980s funk band Zapp. Roger, the master of the Talkbox made a song called Computer Love, a very corny love song, but it has some wicked talkbox on it, and so, computerlove.whatever would reflect my love for this song.

Now, I'll just stick to hearing it, very loudly, and imagine I am publishing my content on

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