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I think I'm falling for a square 16.08.2010

And there she was, looking straight at me through the dusky room, with her two big eyes. I was mesmerized. I had seen her before, but I had never had the chance to approach her. This time was different, there was an energy, a curiosity, and a mutual understanding between us, drawing us together like gravity. There was no resisting, and no reason to try, any attempt would have failed anyway. I admired her leather casing with the intricate lines, she was still smoking hot after all these years. Still able, with mechanical precision, to capture that moment that you wanted to relish, a special moment, for all involved. I thought we could remain just friends, but I lost control, I let myself go.

And I'll do it all again, next time I come across a medium format camera.

My dad has kindly lent me his Rolleicord Vb, as my introduction to medium format photography. I picked up my first roll of exposed 120 film today, and it was a hit, and a miss. A hit, because the camera seems to work absolutely flawless, and a miss, because the film I had put in, was 10 years past its expiration date - cue funny colours! But it's ok, this one was a test. The sample below is one of the buildings in Dublin Docklands called Alto Vetro (high glass).

Is there a TLR Anonymous group? I might have to join it, and I'm only a couple of weeks in.


Andreas | web | @ / 22:16 / 16th of august / 2010

Square is the best! I haven't had my Lubitel out all summer, I must get it out pronto!

Sasidhar | web | @ / 5:55 / 17th of august / 2010

Wow, congratulations!
Big step into the pro world :)

I saw the photo without reading anything, and thought it was a macro of a guitar fret :)

Jonas | web | @ / 13:59 / 17th of august / 2010

@andreas: you are right, it is. Get that Lubitel out of the closet, presto (:

@Sasidhar: Haha, now that you say it, I see what you mean, does look like a guitar fret indeed (: Big step, yes, planning on some baby steps to begin with, but man, the negatives alone makes me drool...

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