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Window of opportunity 16.07.2006

I went to a concert last night, electronic music, with good friends next to me. I don't get most electronic acts, we don't connect, me and them. Crowd looking at them, them looking at their computers, pushing buttons, bobbing heads. Darkness, artistic flimsyness on massive silver screen behind them, as if to make up for their lack of communicative skills. Something for the crowd to look at, admitting that their live act is boring. Unless...

"Are you enjoying yourself?"


"Do you have any pills?"


"Then what are you doing here?"

I think I am getting too old for electronic acts, but then again, I could have sworn I was too young for them last week. I seem to have missed my window of opportunity.

Tonight it's reggae from Aotearoa, I expect them to commnuicate differently through my window.

Update: Katchafire absolutely rocked Crawdaddy Sunday night! A small crowd (lots of them expat Kiwis), not more than 120, at the very most showed up, but the 8 man band really played their hearts out, and people were singing along like crazy. Big up Katchafire, enjoy the rest of your tour in Europe!


Jane | @ / 16:18 / 16th of july / 2006

Kiwis seem to be the new Jah people. I caught Fat Freddy's Drop at Roskilde. Very smooth and well polished. Have a good one tonight!

Jonas | web / 16:47 / 16th of july / 2006

Thanks, and they certainly do. Jah has flowed into the Pacific, in all the good ways.

I hope I will have a good one tonight, I just wish they were playing outside, it's actually summer in Dublin this weekend.

Rasmus | web | @ / 17:46 / 16th of july / 2006

MMMmm... jeg så Katchafire i New Zealand.. ganske godt. Men ikke ligeså fantastisk som Fat Freddys på Roskilde.. :)

jdreng | web | @ / 17:00 / 17th of july / 2006

I don't think it's a question of age, it's a question of being too analogue ;)

Jonas | web / 21:42 / 18th of july / 2006

Heh, that might be the issue jdreng, I'll keep that in mind...

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