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Augusta in June 16.06.2002

Today, at eleven minutes past noon, my sister gave birth to a beautiful, healthy little girl. It has been such a great day — started with mom and I leaving around noon for my grandmothers place with a basket full of homegrown strawberries and vanilla ice cream, sun shining high in the sky, now and then covered by the fluffy clouds carried by the wind up there, temperature dancing around the 22 degrees mark — basically a sturdy Danish summer day. Then, about 20 minutes before we reached the retirement home where my grandmother lives, my sister rang with the wonderful news. My mom was sobbing with joy, I tried to drive the car with tears in the corner of my eyes, sighs of relief and joy all around. My mother insisted that we pulled over while she talked to my sister, so I pulled over at the first possible place. It was in front of an old red barn placed along the road among green rolling hills and trees. I'll never forget that place, and those minutes. Whenever I pass that barn from now on, I will be reminded of the 16th of June 2002, where a new generation was added to our part of the family, like a little new branch on the family tree.

We had strawberries and ice cream with my grandmother, and while she was already in a good mood, the news about her great granddaughter made her smile even brighter. Mom and I jumped back into the car to make the visiting hours at the hospital, and arrived there while my dad was holding the new member of the family — on fathers day. He was so proud of his granddaughter, so too was my sister and her boyfriend and pretty much everybody there. I got to hold Augusta, as I believe will be here name, as well, and oh my, I never thought you could get so emotional holding a little baby, but you can.

All 'n all, a truly shiny day, full of happy events, apart from me having to cancel my deal with Mr. Penguin. I hope he isn't too mad at me for cancelling out on our deal to go see this exhibition by this man, and hey, how was it by the way?

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