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Digital Utopia? 16.01.2002

I love CTheory, the international journal of theory, technology, and culture — I always dig in to their articles with great enthusiasm when they hit my inbox. They touch upon every thinkable topic that has my interest. Their latest article [#103] Let Them Eat IT: The Myth of the Global Village as an Interactive Utopia by Songok Han Thornton is really, really interesting.

It is basically a synopsis of a lot of different attitudes towards IT an the diverging views on whether the global village is the epitomy of digital freedom, a vast collection of free knowledge and information, or if it's a place for large corporations to further consumerism by pushing certain information into it.

Thornton also explores different views on IT in relation to it's impact on the geography of economic and social life, and of course the widening digital divide on a planet where half the population lives for less than $2/day.

The article is not yet online, but will be shortly, I am sure, at their website.

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