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Danish spam on Gmail 15.10.2007

This is interesting, I just got a spam email.

That in itself, is not interesting, but it is written in something remotely looking like Danish, and is signed by Kira M. Lee. She ends the email, in Danish, with 'Med agtelse' which is an extremely courteous and formal way of saying goodbye in a letter, probably something you'd say around 100 years ago.

On top of that, it's littered with utf-8 encoding entities, and Kira doesn't seem to be too fluent in Danish:

Wil du arbejdere on-line, fra dit hus og få lånet hverdags udenfor at efterlade eller virke på din hovedarbejde?

Obviously machine translated, because the above makes no sense at all. Somebody else seems to have gotten it as well. Anyone else?


Rasmus | web | @ / 5:36 / 16th of october / 2007

Aw man, and here I thought I was all special, when I recieved that same e-mail. Good thing, I decided to think about it for a while before replying. ;)

Tore | web | @ / 7:34 / 16th of october / 2007

I am suddenly feeling small and insignificant, for not being important enough that the internets would send me such fine mails. I will look for a dark hole to crawl into, and I'll survive the next nuclear armageddon, while also you important people get targeted first! Muhahahahah... ehm *cough*

Michael | web | @ / 8:19 / 16th of october / 2007

Jep, got it as well. Spam filter caught it

just | web / 10:38 / 16th of october / 2007

Jonas | web / 13:47 / 16th of october / 2007

Interesting, I put a picture of the spam email up as well on flickr. Michael, was that the Gmail spam-filter that caught it?

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