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Morning Music 15.06.2006

I've been tagged by sønder, so here's my opportunity to put together and share a list of 5 songs that would help me get out of bed in the morning. It has been a right pain putting this list together, but it has now stayed like this for two days, which must mean it is the final (for now), so here goes:

  1. "No Problem" - Stonefunkers
  2. "I think I like you" - Crazy Penis
  3. "Souffles H" - Mondo Grosso
  4. "Thinking of you" - Herbert
  5. "Loud Minority" - United Future Organisation

U.F.O ended up bumping Curtis Mayfield of the list, all due to the energy in that piano session laid out all over the track.

If you ever see me wasted, in dire need of getting out of bed, then you better play these tracks, loud, and I'll be all up and ready. You can try and see if they work for you as well.


m-alo | web | @ / 9:00 / 16th of june / 2006

Wow...5 artists (and songtitles for that matter!) that I've never even heard of! Usually that indicates that it's music I don't like (and that is damn near impossible, since my taste in music is wider than that of any people I've ever known! - The only genres I steer clear of are: Hardcore Rap/HipHop, Hardcore Techno, Hardcore Heavy Metal & Opera!)
Well, maybe I should try listening to the songs instead of just dismissing them without even hearing them first...

Thomas | web / 9:11 / 16th of june / 2006

Thanks Jonas, a very nice selection of wake up tracks indeed; They worked for me too! Now, all I need is a selection of 5 songs to help me get out of the door and go to work.

Tore | web | @ / 10:14 / 16th of june / 2006

Are you sure, that "Balls to the Walls" - Accept shouldn't be on that list?

I mean, it would really send you scrabling at full speed towards whatever device was playing the infernal tune just to shut it off.

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