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Modding the CSS on 23 15.05.2006

23 LogoI previously wrote that I would use 23 for my photo needs, and I've been very pleased with the transition. Very please indeed, except for one thing that I think flickr got right — the UI.

My images should be the dominating element on the page, and even though the layout of 23 is subtle, it is still framing my pictures in a far too noticable way for my liking. Luckily, because the people behind 23 are smart, they've made it possible for you change alot about the presentation of your account by choosing a different premade theme (only changes the colours), or you can go completely MySpace on it, putting 2.5Mb background images and animated GIF's here and there. As long as it is something you can manipulate with CSS, you can change it.

So I went along and noodled a little, trying to remove the boxy look, and letting the images get more of the limelight. It still needs some modifications, but I think it's a lot better already.

If you are a 23 user, and you'd like to use this CSS for your account instead of the default, this is the css you need to apply to your account.

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