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Klisterlinks 15. februar, 2007 15.02.2007

Either I am slow, or this is genuinly new: Gmail-accounts are now up for grabs, no more need to be invited to try the #1 email webapp still in beta. Just go to the sign up page to get your account.

The hottest webapp of this quarter no doubt is Yahoos's Pipes. An intricate tool to mashup and pipe output from one command as input to another, and do all sorts of tomfoolery with it in the process, it looks damn clever. Nick Bradbury mashed together the feed from the top 10 songs in iTunes, to match them with a link to their videos in YouTube. Very clever Nick.


rkk | web | @ / 18:09 / 18th of february / 2007

Crap, that means no more selling Gmail invites on eBay :)

Jonas | web / 18:14 / 19th of february / 2007

Bummer, so no summer vacation this year, or...? (:

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