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DO WANT!1! 15.01.2008


Christian | @ / 14:30 / 16th of january / 2008

I would wait until the second version of the MacBook Air hits the shelves and let the other early adopters find all the design flaws in this elegant looking peace of hardware.

Furthermore it doesn't have either audio-in or firewire and only one USB port.

Christian | @ / 14:36 / 16th of january / 2008

Ups. Peace=piece

Tore | web | @ / 15:35 / 16th of january / 2008

Well sure, Christian, but then again every piece of hardware needs first movers. I plan to be one at least. For coding and presentation work this is just what I've been looking for. My Mac Book Pro as nice as it is, is still a bit too bulky to slug around all day.

One usb-port, check. I can live with it, or get me a hub. And again the Pro has the firewire, so I'll just transfer via the wifi, if need be. But again, each onto their own. This will not be the laptop for everyone, but for a lot of us it really, really, really fills a need.

Christian | @ / 17:23 / 16th of january / 2008

I guess it is my own frustration that is reflected in my first comment. I use my laptop for music production. My break-out audio-box uses firewire and i use more than one USB controller. The MBA misses some important features for me to get a good use of it.

I clearly see that the MBA fulfill your uses and I look forward to hear your experiences when you get your hands on of these truly beautiful machines.l

Søster / 21:09 / 16th of january / 2008

Me too!! And with the Time Capsule...very, very cool!

Jonas | web / 23:35 / 16th of january / 2008

@Christian&Tore: Totally understand your frustration regarding it's usability for music production Christian. Processor wise it should be strong enough to run a fairly big setup, but it doesn't have the ports available. At the same time, it's weight and dimensions are perfect for a live setup, or just for bringing your gear everywhere and work. Guess that won't be just now, but maybe at a later version bump.

As Tore mentions, it's clearly a machine for the road, build to be a secondary machine, a 'home away from home'. John Gruber summed it up nicely in this post.

Personally, it would fit my bill pretty well as a machine for the road. Now I just have to buy a proper normal laptop for home (: My old trusty 12" just isn't the same after having worked on a MacBook and a MacBookPro for 1.5 years.

@Søster: Yeh, what was that time capsule all about, I never really got that. Was that backup storage or something, over wireless? I seem to remember there was lots of it, around 1TB available or something. That should satisfy anybody, I'd say.

Tore | web | @ / 21:34 / 17th of january / 2008

Thanks for the Gruber beltch, mate. Really cleared up a few things to consider for me girl. And sure, Christian, I can completely understand when something new and shiny appears, which doesn't quite match the dream machine you've been waiting for all these years. My sympathies, but as Mr. Voss says, next gen for teh win!

Kristian | web | @ / 10:40 / 22nd of january / 2008

Just fuelling the flames here :-)

Jonas | web / 10:51 / 22nd of january / 2008

Haha, Kristian, very good one there (:

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